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Self Study Courses


1) Due to limited supply, TT&S materials must be returned within 60 days or borrowers will be subject to a $100 replacement fee.

2) Please be courteous and limit requests to 3 classes checked out at any given time. TT&S retains the discretion to limit the number of courses checked out to any individual or company.

3) Users must register with this site and be a part of a member company to request self study courses.

4) Certificates of completion will not be mailed out by TT&S but can be printed by employees registered on this site by accessing their training records in the member area.

Course Name Number# Self-Paced Type Hours Year
Customer Service
Building and Closing the Sale A006 Y Book 2 2001
Better Business Writing A001 Y Book 2 2006
Calming Upset Customers A006 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Customer Satisfaction A007 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Quality Customer Service A002 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service A004 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Telephone Skills & Effective Communication (Telephone Skills From A to Z) A003 Y Book 2 2000
Online Courses
Fiber Optics from Light Brigade LBFO Y Online
Wireless Networking UND1 Y Online 24
Technical - Topic Specific
Practical Electricity T002 Y Book 6 1999
Outside Plant Technical (McCarty Review) T003 Y Book
Fundamentals of Data & Networking T019 Y Book, DVD 4 2006
Fundamentals of Fiber Optics T010 Y DVD 8 2013
Fundamentals of Telecommunications (1) T006 Y DVD 4 2009
Fundamentals of Telecommunications (2) T007 Y DVD 4 2009
Networking Basics T008 Y Book 20 2009
Networking, Understanding (1) T017 Y DVD 4 2009
Networking, Understanding (2) T018 Y DVD 4 2009
SS7 Basics T016 Y Book 15 2003
Telecommunications, Anatomy of T004 Y Book 21 1998
VoIP, Understanding - (1) T013 Y DVD 3 2009
VoIP, Understanding - (2) T014 Y DVD 3 2009
VoIP, Understanding - (3) T015 Y DVD 3 2009
Wireless Crash Course T012 Y Book 32 2013
Locating Unlimited T001 Y Book, DVD 3 2010
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) T022 Y Book 16 2008