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Self Study Courses


1) Due to limited supply, TT&S materials must be returned within 60 days or borrowers will be subject to a $100 replacement fee.

2) Please be courteous and limit requests to 3 classes checked out at any given time. TT&S retains the discretion to limit the number of courses checked out to any individual or company.

3) Users must register with this site and be a part of a member company to request self study courses.

4) Certificates of completion will not be mailed out by TT&S but can be printed by employees registered on this site by accessing their training records in the member area.

5) For online courses, please register at the site of the online course. TT&S does not provide registration or certificates for those.

Course Name Number# Self-Paced Type Hours Year
Customer Service
Building and Closing the Sale A006 Y Book 2 2001
Better Business Writing A001 Y Book 2 2006
Calming Upset Customers A006 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Customer Satisfaction A007 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Quality Customer Service A002 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service A004 Y Book, CBT 2 2006
Telephone Skills & Effective Communication (Telephone Skills From A to Z) A003 Y Book 2 2000
Online Courses
Fiber Optics from Light Brigade LBFO Y Online
Wireless Networking UND1 Y Online 24
Cellstream - Telecom 101 CST101 N Online 8
Technical - Topic Specific
Practical Electricity T002 Y Book 6 1999
Outside Plant Technical (McCarty Review) T003 Y Book
Fundamentals of Data & Networking T019 Y Book, DVD 4 2006
Fundamentals of Fiber Optics T010 Y DVD 8 2013
Fundamentals of Telecommunications (1) T006 Y DVD 4 2009
Fundamentals of Telecommunications (2) T007 Y DVD 4 2009
Networking Basics T008 Y Book 20 2009
Networking, Understanding (1) T017 Y DVD 4 2009
Networking, Understanding (2) T018 Y DVD 4 2009
SS7 Basics T016 Y Book 15 2003
Telecommunications, Anatomy of T004 Y Book 21 1998
VoIP, Understanding - (1) T013 Y DVD 3 2009
VoIP, Understanding - (2) T014 Y DVD 3 2009
VoIP, Understanding - (3) T015 Y DVD 3 2009
Wireless Crash Course T012 Y Book 32 2013
Locating Unlimited T001 Y Book, DVD 3 2010
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) T022 Y Book 16 2008
Terracom Training - Telecom 101 T023 Y Book 40 2022
Understanding NEC Rquirements for Limited Energy and Communications Systems T024 Y Book 16 2017