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Cellstream offers a variety of training options. You can view those by visiting their site here.


Instructor-led training courses are complimentary to the online Network Sciences Certifcation available through the On-Line School of Network Sciences. TT&S is happy to have Cellstream instructors present one-day and two-day courses. Cellstream offers a variety of courses. Please visit their website at for a complete list. Please contact TT&S if you are interested in a workshop.


Computer-Based Training

Please contact TT&S after reviewing the outlines of each course. You may be asked to pay online for the programs.


About Andrew Walding

TT&S works with Cellstream, Inc. consultant Andrew Walding. Mr. Walding provides expertise gained in over thirty years experience in data and telecommunications engineering, network implementation and management, and product development of ATM/Frame Relay switching, access products, transmission systems and network management products. He has authored many hands-on instructor-led courses on a variety of subjects, including MPLS, MPLS L3 and L2 VPN's, and IP over Optical Networks, Ethernet, IP and IP Addressing, and many more. Some of the highlights of his career include being issued five patents and having one pending in telecommunications architectures and methodologies and having developed courses for the first VSAT satellite systems deployed in North America and instructed field operations staff for a nationwide service group.