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Safety Meeting Topics

TT&S develops safety courses targeted to the needs of our members. If you are interested in what we have to offer, contact us about joining today!


4 Gas Meters

short basics about what gas meters do

Aggressive Dogs

comprehensive information on dog aggression signs and attacks


covers what asbestos is, where it might be found, symptoms of exposure and health issues, and protection


covers battery safety for a variety of battery types

Bloodborne Pathogens

Common pathogens and basic safety measures for non-medical personnel

Confined Spaces - Attics & Crawl Spaces

Stay safe while working in attics and crawl spaces.

Confined Spaces - Manholes

the basics of non-permitted spaces, competent persons, and manholes for telecom work

Customer Service

general telecom-focused customer service for phone reps and for technicians visiting customer premises, including how to deal with upset and aggressive customers.


the most common issues that the average end user might encounter.

Dangerous Animals, Insects, Plants

A brief review of the most dangerous animals, insects, and plants for different areas. Two options available-- ND & southwest U.S.

Defensive Driving

NDHP-approved classroom defensive driving course for insurance discount, about 4 hours

Electrical Safety

basic electrical safety for non-electricians

Emergency Procedures

general overview of the importance of having an EAP, the incidents that need to be covered, and the parts required in the document

Ergonomics & Lifting Safety

includes proper lifting techniques and ergonomic considerations for all types of work spaces

Fall Protection

general refresher and reminder, including personal fall arrest systems

Fiber Optic Safety

Basic fiber handling safety

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Safety

When you can't avoid fires, learn the P.A.S.S. method.

First Aid/CPR/AED

refresher course covering all important first aid and CPR topics, including live dummy hands-on CPR


This presentation is used for our hands-on forklift certifications but can be presented as a refresher of forklift safety.


Learn the identifying characteristics, sources, and likely locations of hydrogen sulfide, and also the symptoms of exposure and protections to take.

Hazard Recognition

Think safety in everything. Learn to evaluate risks and recognize the hazards they pose in order to avoid injuries.

HazCom - GHS

includes explanations of the Globally Harmonized System pictograms and SDS 16-section form with examples

Ladder Safety

There are three levels of ladder safety: general safety, refresher training, and hands-on inspections.

Lock Out/Tag Out

Learn when to lock-out a machine or tool or just tag it as unusable.

Office Safety

Multiple sections:
* Slips, Trips, Falls
* Stairways, Ladders, Step Stools
* Fire Safety basics
* Space heaters
* Ergonomics & Lifting Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Learn about the various protections for all parts of the body from head, eyes, ears, and face to hands, feet, and lungs and what to use in different situations.


Learn where it's found and what to do about it.

Railroad Safety

the dangers of railroads and how to avoid train accidents

Ratchet Straps

A Youtube video on proper ratchet tie-down strap use

RF Radiation

Basic cautions of radio frequency radiation exposure

Sexual Harassment

Learn about the law, the forms of sexual harassment, and what you can do to prevent it.

Sharp Objects

Recognize the risks of sharp objects and learn the precautions to take when handling them.


Recognize the risks and take precautions against the dangers of silica exposure.

Slip, Trips, & Falls

walking and working surface hazards

Summer Safety

multiple sections:
* heat risks
* sun risks
* severe weather

Trenching & Shoring

covers the dangers of trenches and the precautions to take

Winter Safety

Sections include wind chill dangers, cold-related illnesses (including frostbite), and winter driving.

Work Zone Safety

covers basics for telecom workers, including high-visibility clothing requirements