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About Telecom Training & Safety


Established in 1990, TT&S developed naturally from the cooperative nature of North Dakota’s independent telecommunications companies. With a precedent established of collaborative projects, it was a simple leap to consider sharing resources for employee safety and skills development. From this joint effort, TT&S was born.

Each member company appointed one of their employees as a TT&S board member, and the board provided oversight and guidance to the TT&S director. This structure is still in place today.

TT&S identifies and promotes best safety practices for member companies. We have a thirty-year history of providing quality resources and customized solutions for the specialized needs of the rural telecom community. Some of the safety services provided include the following:

    • Safety training to keep member companies OSHA-compliant. Members can follow the standard schedule of trainings held every other month from Sept – March or can request a custom schedule.
    • Certifying employees on forklifts, CPR/First Aid, defensive driving, and ladder inspections
    • Accurate training recordkeeping, with 24/7 access to employee safety training records.
    • Remaining current with changes to safety training legislation to make sure all members remain compliant.
    • Customized training development as requested.
    • Both remote and in-person training offerings.
    • New hire training curriculums to make sure newer employees receive OSHA-required safety training.

We also conduct safety inspections to find and advise on potential violations.

    • On-site visits with hazard findings report as requested
    • DOT compliance consultation / mock audit
    • WSI Incentive Program support
    • Access to safety consultation services at any time

We produce safety training content for leadership teams with eligibility to receive SHRM recertification credit for attending. Topics include how to manage required OSHA forms, how to conduct an incident investigation, and legal safety requirements of supervisors. We keep membership up-to-date on relevant safety trends and topics, including:

    • Timely notice of any changing safety requirements
    • Keeping an up-to-date industry safety manual
    • Establishing a platform for SDS Management. Employers are required to keep an updated, easy-to-access catalogue of SDS sheets for all hazardous materials on site.

Additionally, TT&S offers skills development for member company employees, although non-member employees are also welcome to attend trainings. Workshop topics held throughout the year include:

    • Hands-on IPV6
    • A+ Certification
    • Fiber Optics 1-2-3
    • Advanced OSP Technician Fiber Optics Training
    • MEF Boot Camp
    • WiFi 6 / WLAN Security
    • Ubiquiti UBWA Training
    • Ubiquiti UEWA Training
    • Explore Packet Analysis with Wireshark – Voice Edition
    • Hands-on IPV6


If your company is not yet a member, feel free to contact us for more information.