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Self Study Courses


1) Due to limited supply, TT&S materials must be returned within 60 days or borrowers will be subject to a $100 replacement fee.

2) Please be courteous and limit requests to 3 classes checked out at any given time. TT&S retains the discretion to limit the number of courses checked out to any individual or company.

3) Users must register with this site and be a part of a member company to request self study courses.

4) Certificates of completion will not be mailed out by TT&S but can be printed by employees registered on this site by accessing their training records in the member area.

5) For online courses, please register at the site of the online course. TT&S does not provide registration or certificates for those.

SS7 Basics

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This course is intended to serve as an introduction to SS7, allowing the student to gain overall appreciation and understanding of its structure and impact. This course covers the reasons why SS7 exists and is necessary, as well as, step-by-step procedures describing actions that occur in the network when SS7 is being used.