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Telecom Boot Camp

03/20/2023   -  03/24/2023    TT&S Training Room

A Full Week of Telecom Training for Non‑Engineers

  • Broadband, Telecom, Datacom, and Networking
  • VoIP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT

Telecom BOOT CAMP covers the whole telecom and networking picture from fundamentals to network techology, equipment, services and future trends.

Get up to speed on today's telecom.  Fill the gaps. Demystify the jargon. Build a solid knowledge base. End buzzword frustration by understanding the concepts, technologies, and how it all fits together.

TCO CTNS, CVA and CTA Certifications included.

Five days of career- and productivity-enhancing training, with three TCO Certifications.  You get two detailed reference books printed in color and 15 bonus online courses to refresh your knowledge any time after.

Pricing discounts on this workshop applied based on the total number of registrations!