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Network Sciences Certification Program

Last Updated :11/22/2016

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This is an independent certification program.  Individuals can persue certification, and companies can provide certification access for their employees.

The NetSci Certification Tracks is composed of the Initial Network Skills Assessment (INSA) tests followed by a curriculum for each of the three tracks:

  • Level 1 - Network Fundamentals Track
  • Level 2 - Intermediate Networking Track
  • Level 3 - Advanced Networking Track

Successfully passing all the INSA tests associated with Packet and Wireless competencies in each of these tracks will earn the student a Certification.  Each area has more detail on content.

If you do not pass the INSA tests, you can then take online courses within each level and re-take that specific test.

Fees for the testing and courses involved in this program are discounted to TT&S member employees.