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ND Telecom Management Development Training

11/14/2023   -  11/16/2023    DCN Multipurpose Room

This series of management training is offered in coordination with BAND, DCN, and TT&S. Instructors from TrainND bring their expertise in a set of two courses per day over a 3-day class with a lunch-and-learn in between morning and afternoon sessions.

This 6-course training series is designed for both new and well-seasoned managers alike to hone their people management skills helping them to face supervision and leadership challenges. The training series focuses on areas managers must address every day in the workplace, including performance management, coaching, employee engagement and retention, conducting interviews, and approaches to being a successful manager.

Day 1 –
9:00 AM – Course 1: Learning to Manage: Techniques and Tools for the New Manager
12:00 PM – Lunch and Learn: Brought to you by BAND
1:00 PM – Course 2: Behavioral Interviews: An Evidence-Based Approach to Hiring the Right Candidate
5:00 PM – Happy Hour & Dinner Sponsored by BAND
Day 2 –
9:00 AM – Course 3: Onboarding: How to Successfully Integrate New Employees
12:00 PM – Lunch and Learn: Brought to you by DCN
1:00 PM – Course 4: Performance Management
5:00 PM – Happy Hour & Dinner Sponsored by DCN
Day 3 -
9:00 AM – Course 5: Employee Engagement: The Supervisor’s Guide to Gaining and Sustaining Commitment
12:00 PM – Lunch and Learn: Brought to you by TT&S
1:00 PM – Course 6: Coaching Conversations


Price: (includes lunches)

7-10 total students: $1,000/student

11-13 total students: $900/student

14-16 total students: $750/student

17-22 total students: $650/student